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The Importance of Curb Appeal

Front yards are so very important. I mean think about it, you are driving through a neighbor hood and what do you notice? You are looking at everyone’s front yard! Front yards can reflect the individuality of the owner and make your home stand out from the rest in the area.

Curb Appeal

The front yard is a place for homeowners to show off a little. While the backyard is used to enjoy and use, the front yard is the shinning pedestal of the house. According to the Houzz Landscaping Study of 2017, homeowners are making significant changes to their front yards, creating landscapes that are distinctly different from neighboring properties. Two in five say their new front yards are very or extremely different from others in the neighborhood post-update (41%).

Curb appeal is for more than just buying and selling a home. People take pride in their property and the front yard is the place to show off. More than half of those updating their front yards say that beds or borders (47%), shrubs (29%), and perennials (28%) are the most important features of their home’s curb appeal.

Curb appeal also applies to roofing. Having a new roof can drastically improve the value of the house and the appearance. A roof is the final touch that makes a home go from dated to outshining the other houses in the neighborhood.


The newest outdoor craze is lighting! Outdoor lighting just keeps growing. Since 2010, the worldwide market for outdoor lighting fixtures has seen a growth of 33%. The market is expected to have a growth of 5% in the coming years.

Lighting can completely transform a home if done right. According to the study, nearly half of outdoor-renovating homeowners are updating lighting (45%), with most choosing LEDs (73%). One in five are upgrading to “smart lighting” in which they can control and manage the system using a smart device. With the lighting industry expanding products just in the last few years, the possibilities appear to be endless.

Lighting can be used to feature elements in your yard, create a safer environment at night and add ambiance. Lighting should be done by a professional. Contact a contractor in your area.

Keeping it Fresh

Before renovations, 36% of homes looked nearly identical. Although, after a renovation that number dropped to only 6%. This means homeowners are getting more original and creative with their outdoor designs. Homeowners like you are getting away from the cookie-cutter molds and designs.

Get the next bigger and better thing for your home. Keeping up-to-date on water features, lighting, drainage, water conservation, irrigation and hardscape means you can greatly improve the look, function and feel of your home.

Want to help your neighborhood? Homeowners with updated front yards are recorded to interact with their neighbors more. Invest in improvements for your home, you'll be the talk of the neighborhood!

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