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Consider Copper Gutters as a Stylish Addition

All homes needs rain gutters, even those that don’t receive much rain or snow. This aspect of a home is generally thought to be a hassle, what with all the bi-yearly maintenance, plus you only notice when your gutters aren’t working, and never take notice when they are. So gutters get a bad reputation, and they are almost never considered as a method of exterior home design.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are not the typical boring, gotta-have-em, gutters. Copper gutters are a stylish addition to a home’s exterior that parallels the wood trim on your home’s interior. It seems silly that interior wood trim can be stained any color and made of any material, while gutters are typically metal or plastic, and are either painted to accent a home’s exterior or painted to hide the fact that the gutters are even there at all.

Copper gutters have changed all that. If you look at fancy buildings, for example, all the buildings and shops at the base of Beaver Creek Ski Resort have copper gutters. If you have never seen copper gutters it is striking. Something rattles around in your head that makes you suddenly aware of a building’s gutters. The reason you were made aware is that copper is beautiful and it catches your eye. Gone are the days when we try to hide the guttering on our homes. Copper gutters are here to make gutters beautiful, and to embrace this part of a home, rather than ignore it.

Copper Gutter Maintenance

If you have ever seen copper on old buildings, it looks green. Copper will oxidize and turn green if not treated. With our copper gutters, we offer a sealing process that will keep your gutters looking like gold copper. It will begin to patina and look like aged copper. That cannot be stopped. However, if you like the soft green look of oxidized copper gutters, you can have this, too. Oxidized copper guttering can be the perfect look for an old stone home, especially if you are encouraging ivy growth.

The great thing about copper gutters is that they will never rust or rot. Copper is a soft metal, but it’s metal, and metal can stand up to the elements better than any other material. Copper gutters are more expensive, as most people assume, but only about $20 per foot for basic installation. Because the metal has to be shaped and torched a little, it requires a bit more skill than a typical gutter contractor, and this drives the price slightly. Yet, copper gutters will last longer than other materials, so over the life of a house it will run pretty even.

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